HexArmor Gloves – Complete Hand Protection!

HexArmor Gloves have been successfully reducing, almost eliminating hand injuries in many instances, for well over a decade. Their proprietary coatings have been recognised globally in a vast array of industries, from the Oil & Gas platforms to the guys in search and rescue, HexArmor gloves have a solution for the toughest of environments.

The great news for the Australian market is that these gloves have become much more available & affordable since Uvex Safety & HexArmor Gloves have joined forces.

Hand injuries come in a variety of ways, puncture, cut, chemical, abrasion & impact, the weather also plays a part with extreme heat & cold which all effect the hands and fingers, HexArmor Gloves have so many options that cover the bases, creating gloves for all industries.

Impact protection is a huge problem for a lot of the toughest & dirtiest jobs on the planet, HexArmor Gloves’ IR-X Exoskeleton impact protection is designed to absorb and redistribute the energy away from the hand and finger bones during an impact. The Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) has the optimal durometer and height for impact dissipation. While there is no current EN 388 or ANSI/ISEA impact test yet, HexArmor Gloves uses multiple tests to analyse the effectiveness of their PPE materials as well as the leading competitive brands. Through these tests, HexArmor Gloves has proven that our IR-X Impact Exoskeleton helps lessen the force of an impact up to 80%, which is a greater degree than other products on the market.

The HexArmor Gloves range is readily available at Protecta-Vision Australia

We don’t do cheap safety products, we do premium safety products at cheap prices!

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